Our System

The Quality Management System of L.A. Medical systematically ensures a strict control of all the requirements established in the standard EN ISO 13485, for which we are certified.

The high quality of our products is an essential part of our success.

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Our procedure
Raw material reception

All raw material received at L.A. Medical is inspected and its certificates of compliance are verified. It must comply with its applicable standards. A document receipt is prepared and the entire raw material is assigned a traceability control number.

Quality control

During the manufacturing process, the instruments produced by L.A. Medical undergo quality control, where they are inspected by the employees who are manufacturing them so that they conform and according to the request.

Final Inspection

At the final inspection a strict control of dimensions and aspects is done. An inspection and test plan is created for each instrument, which describes all the steps to follow in this inspection (measurements, laser marking, fittings, finishes, etc.). After the final inspection and in the presence of a conforming product, a certificate of conformity is made for that product and sent to the customer.

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