Our method

L.A. Medical provides a subcontracting service where we work with clients to assist in the development and manufacture of their specific instruments, such as complete Sets for Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty, among others.

We work with large companies based in several continents, with which we have created a supplier / customer relationship of cooperation, confidentiality and trust.

We look at all the projects as if they were ours, offering the client our know-how and knowledge acquired in the manufacture of surgical instruments.

The entire subcontracting process is carried out with maximum responsibility and confidentiality, where a confidentiality agreement is signed between L.A. Medical and the prospective customer, prior to any provision of data, drawings, etc.

Our Capabilities and Services

We offer the customer a professionalism characteristic of the L.A. Medical brand, where for this we have the following services and capabilities:


We have a team specializing in design and development, flexible to customer needs. We ensure that the systems developed are properly controlled and adapted to the latest technologies


We work with precision dimensions and with strict tolerances. We are equipped with CNC milling and turning machines, electro-erosion, grinding, among others.


Based on extensive experience in polishing and using effective abrasive methods, we are able to obtain specialized finishes. Types of common finishes: satin finish, glossy finish, glassbead, electropolishing, etc.


Using chemical methods, varying current frequencies, time and movements, we offer a varied range of finishes through electropolishing.

TIG welding and laser welding

We offer a service of welding TIG and laser welding capable of welding in places of difficult access and with the maximum precision.


The experience gained over the years is undoubtedly a plus for this service. That's why we count on employees who work at L.A. Medical since its implementation, where rigor and care are your keywords.

Laser marking

Equipped with a state-of-the-art laser, L.A. Medical manages all types of metals, including some types of plastic (example: black POM).


Passivation is a surface treatment that creates a protective barrier to corrosion, used in stainless steels. It involves washing by ultrasonication where the surface impurities are cleaned, followed by an acid bath (nitric acid) where the corrosion protection barrier is created, and finally the parts are washed in running water and dried.

We are your trust. We are your partner.
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